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EU Co-Chair: Carlos Rodríguez Cocina, Telefónica
U.S. Co-Chair: Mark Bohannon, Red Hat
Staff Contact: Justine Korwek

The Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector is a global enabler of innovation, investment, creation of employment, growth and welfare. European and American ICT companies are on a global scale among the leading players of the sector. At the same time they face strong competition from players originated in other world regions, mainly from Asia. Common understanding of crucial ICT related issues and common positioning towards the political administrations in Washington D.C. and Brussels would help the EU and the US ICT sector to strengthen their position on the world market.

ICT WG Task Forces:

The ICT Working Group has a few issue specific Task Forces. Click on each Task Force to learn more.


  • Realize the potentials the ICT sector can provide to innovation, growth and welfare
  • Reduce regulation to a minimum necessary level focused only on economic harm
  • Create a competitive environment/level playing field for all market participants
  • Investment, Growth, Jobs, Internal Market – promote policies that foster innovation in regulation and standard-setting as well as investment in infrastructures for broadband and telecommunications
  • Creation of common norms and rules for legislation and regulatory frameworks to develop a larger transatlantic marketplace
  • Allow for more transatlantic best practice exchange
  • Increase the political influence of the TABC towards the policy makers, especially in the EU (Parliament, Commission, Council of Ministers) and the U.S. administration
  • Help to establish the TABC as “the voice” of companies with a transatlantic footprint

WG Priorities (no priority):

  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Data Protection
  • Cross Border Data Flows
  • EU Digital Single Market
  • Cloud Computing
  • Effective regulatory interoperability or convergence (as appropriate) on principles and/or norms in (a) areas of critical difference in existing regimes; and (b) areas with a forward-looking high technology and innovation character e.g. smart grids, cloud computing, cyber
  • Broadband and Telecommunications (sub-WG)
  • Cybersecurity (sub-WG)
  • eHealth (sub-WG)
  • IP management (coordination with IP WG)
  • TTIP (coordination with Trade WG)

Instruments (used in Washington and Brussels):

  • Position papers and letters
  • Bilateral meetings with policy makers (i.e. Commission officials, MEPs, diplomats from Member States and the US administration)
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Collaboration with other interested parties where useful e.g. USCIB etc

 Tools & Resources:

 Letters, Papers & Submissions: