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Intellectual Property

EU Co-Chair: Lionel Thoumyre, Intel
U.S. Co-Chair: Richard Hertling, Covington & Burling
Staff Contact: Rachael Stelly

IP document

Effective protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights are indispensable elements of successful business conduct in today’s globalised economy.  A strong IP system remains essential to economic expansion, business and societal innovation and national competitiveness for both the US and EU.  IP-intensive industries are linked to 35% of US GDP and nearly 30% of all US employment. The EU is no less reliant on its many IP-based industries including health, aerospace and green tech along with many others.  And as internet-enabled innovation increasingly drives productivity and growth on both sides of the Atlantic, the importance of intellectual property to creating new jobs and growing exports will only increase. TABC’s IPR Working Group promotes a strong IP system across the Atlantic and beyond. The group’s efforts address all aspects of IP, including IP erosion and enforcement, branding and trademarks, trade secrets theft, and the promotion of high IP standards vis-à-vis third countries. A major objective of the group is a strong IP chapter in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


  • Ensure the inclusion of a meaningful IP chapter in the TTIP
  • Fostering strong IP systems in multilateral fora (e.g. WTO, WIPO, UNFCCC, WCO).
  • Raising awareness of the importance of IPR to foster an innovation-driven economy

WG Priorities:

  • IPR in TTIP
  • IP Erosion
  • IP in Life Sciences
  • Trade Secrets
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Updated Trade Strategy of the European Commission and IP dimension

Instruments (used in Brussels & Washington):

  • Regular physical meetings and conference calls with WG members to discuss policy initiatives and agree on next steps
  • Bilateral meetings with negotiators of the IP chapter in TTIP and other relevant government officials in Brussels and Washington.
  • Close engagement with the Transatlantic IPR Working Group under the umbrella of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC), e.g. convening the stakeholders meeting.
  • Position paper and letters to government officials and relevant organisations (TABC only and joint associations statements)
  • Seminars on specific issues relevant to member companies.

Letters, Papers & Submissions: