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Skilled Workforce

EU Chair: Open
U.S. Chair: Sunday Rubenstein, EY
Staff Contact: Justine Korwek

In the Information Age, skilled workers are vital to competitiveness. The race is on for world-class talent across national borders. Global companies must move talented individuals between company facilities – worldwide & when needed. Labor mobility is not only a necessary component in the provision of many cross-border services. Mobility and the corresponding ability to utilize the skills and competence of employees deployed outside of their regular country of residence are critical elements of the global talent sourcing practices increasingly common within companies on both sides of the Atlantic.


The Skilled Workforce Working Group’s mission is to promote government action to facilitate the movement of highly skilled labour into the EU and U.S. on a temporary and permanent basis.

WG priorities:

  • Support policies in the EU and US which would promote the development of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of businesses in both regions.
  • Support EU-US collaboration for fast-track intra-company visas.
  • Support US immigration reform as it applies to movement between the EU-US.
  • Promote workforce/mobility issues in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
  • Call for EU policies that facilitate the short term access of business travellers to the Schengen area.
  • Call for harmonisation of visas for training schemes between the EU and US (i.e. trainees)
  • Facilitate fast-track entry for frequent business travellers (i.e. Global Entry)
  • Address youth unemployment, the skills gap and provide recommendations regarding transatlantic cooperation on skills and training schemes.

Instruments (used in Washington and Brussels):

  • Position papers and letters
  • Events and workshops
  • Bilateral meetings with policy makers from the European Parliament, EU Member State Permanent Representations, the European Commission and US administration.
  • Collaboration with other interested parties where useful. TABC is open to collaborating with interested organisation and has worked in the past with several partner associations including AmCham EU, BUSINESSEUROPE, CCIA, European Services Forum (ESF), ITIC, Nasscom and TechAmerica on an as needed basis.

Letters, Papers & Submissions: