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TABD Members

Benefits of Membership

Membership of TABD includes business leaders from a cross-section of industries, geographical distribution, and representation of both large multinationals and small-and-medium size businesses.  Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Engagement with leading CEOs/chairpersons from a cross section of the transatlantic business community
  • Highly focused agenda centered on achieving tangible results to improve transatlantic economic relations and member company business interests.
  • Forward-looking policy agenda, including business input into the G-20 process, contributing to sustainable economic growth.
  • Unique role to shape policy priorities and direction through TABD’s official status as the business adviser to the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC).
  • Opportunity for strong business-government collaboration, including the development of policy recommendations and projects that specifically benefit member companies.
  • Opportunity for meetings with European and U.S ambassadors.
  • Relationships with high-level government officials that can facilitate resolution of company-specific issues, should they arise.

TABD Member Companies